Outdoor viewing and indoor Viewing

How Outdoor Viewing Experience differs from Indoor Viewing

Experience always varies, on how you view the element; and in which way do you notice the element. This is the way, how experience matters; in the case of viewing of elements on the screen. Usually, visual experiences take place on the projection screens that are placed on different environments, which are either indoor or outdoor.

The projection screen that is placed on an indoor environment would have medium brightness, the large viewing angle in both horizontal and vertical could be around 140-160 degree normally, lightweight and higher density. The indoor projection screen normally is used for closer viewing and are applicable in places like conference room, airports, subways, churches, etc. And it doesn’t require any protective surface to prevent heavy climatic conditions.

The outdoor projection screen covers an area of perhaps hundreds of squares, therefore; the point density is comparatively thin, it demands a huge amount of lightings according to different parameters and the brightness requirement, it should be protected under every weather condition and should be visible under direct sunlight and other extreme conditions. It is made for long-distance viewing, and are applied to the outdoor music concerts, live sport, a highway billboard, etc.

The major differences between indoor and outdoor projection screens, which could give an efficient way of understanding about the viewing experience, and these differences can be broken down into three major points, they are as follows:


Display Brightness:-

Outdoor projection screens basically require more attention as they have to deal with bright sunlight and other unpredictable atmospheres that could possibly make its display into dullness, whereas, indoor projection screens are much safer, and need not take care regarding the weather conditions. They require the minimum level of brightness, as it requires a lesser audience than the former one.

Display Durability:-

Outdoor projection screens should be more durable to withstand various atmospheres around, hence additional protection is required. But in the case of indoor projection screens, they are not exposed to any of the outdoor weather conditions elements, hence additional protections are not necessary.

Display Resolution:-

Indoor projection screens that are intended to be viewed from a shorter distance, thus require higher resolutions for optimal quality, whereas Outdoor projection screens are normally intended to be viewed from farther distances and can rely on lower resolutions with very little compromise in terms of visibility.

Must Watch series

10 Must-Watch Series that deserve an immersive experience

India’s appetite for online streaming services is on the rise. According to PwC, India will soon be one of the top 10 OTT video markets in the next four-five years. There are some shows that gained a humongous fan following while others that still remains underrated. Binge-Watching your favorite movies or shows on Internet-based video streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime in the comfort of one’s home has already become a favorite pastime amongst Indian viewers. However, whether it is at home or elsewhere, no one wants to compromise on the quality of their overall cinematic experience.

To ensure a memorable experience, the right choice of having a perfect combination of devices, services and content are very crucial. Therefore, we Lumina Projection Screens suggests the best 10 OTT platform shows that gives you an immersive visual experience and superior sound quality too.

1.  Game of Thrones

One of the most trending captions on social media is, ‘#WinterIsComing’. Game of Thrones is an eight-season long, fantasy drama fictional series, that’s being telecasted in HBO. It is also available on Hotstar. An adaptation of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, a series of fantasy novels written by George R. R. Martin is made with an ensemble cast and a grand-scale visual treat where it really gives you the great experience of fictional tales, and finally makes you a fan of this show. This series has a great fan-following across the globe and its final season is going to release on April 14th, 2019. Start binge-watching and wait for WINTER.

2. Sherlock

Sherlock is a British Series that starred Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange) and Martin Freeman. It is a successful adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s various novels of Sherlock Holmes, that takes places on this new era. Right from the beginning of the series, till its final episode, it hooks you up to the mysteries and keeps you engaged to see how Sherlock cracks the case with the help of Dr Watson. It is available on Netflix and it is one of the best Sherlock adaptations and thriller series ever made.

3. Narcos

Narcos is a Netflix Original Series that is based upon the narcotics and drug cartel of South American countries like Colombia and Mexico. The series unfolds the story of Pablo Escobar, an infamous drug lord and narcoterrorist and his other mates and rivalries, and how Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) nabs them is the basic plot. It is a three-season-long series, and it’s spiritual sequel also got released naming, ‘Narcos: Mexico’. This series, too has a huge fanbase, especially for the characters of Pablo Escobar and his cousin, Gustavo. Must watch if you like contents related to the crime genre.

4. Sacred Games

Sacred Games is the first Indian Netflix Original Series that is based on the novel of the same name, written by Vikram Chandra. Starred by Saif Ali Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, follows the dramatic journeys of a police officer and a gangster, and how they are related to a puzzle that could vanish Mumbai is the plot. This series gives you an opportunity to revisit Mumbai of early 70s-90s, and also if you are a fan of police-gangster stories said in a realistic approach, then Sacred Games is most recommended.

5. Hannibal

It is a series that is an extensive adaptation of the famous ‘Hannibal’ character from the Oscar-winning film, The Silence of the Lambs (1991). It is one of the most unusually beautiful programs in television history. Those who like the film, “Silence of the Lambs” and the character “Hannibal” will definitely like this series more, because it is even more visually impressive than the movie. Each shot looks like a surreal work of art, the depiction of raw and gritty stuff in this series looks so real. It is definitely another must-watch recommendation and is available on Netflix.

6. Ghoul

Ghoul is a Netflix Original Mini-Series that set in a dystopian era where fascism leads the top, and soon explores some hard-hitting moments and supernatural factors. The story also explores the life of a lady officer and how these scenarios change her whole life is the aftermath of the series. This fictional series has Radhika Apte in lead role, is one of the best series that offers to experience the horrors and supernatural factors on your screen. You could really experience the scary moments like never before.

7. The Crown

Another Netflix series that follows the story of Queen Elizabeth II from her early reign as Queen and its aftermath. The visuals are so authentic, even the interior of Buckingham Palace is so grand that the viewers will get practically fooled into thinking these scenes were shot on real locations. And the costumes of the actors are another major plus that gives you visually stunning moments throughout the series.

8. Stranger Things

This series is a mix of science fiction and horror with child actors in lead roles. Stranger Things is a Netflix Original Series where the story depicts the disappearance of a young boy that leads his mother, a police chief, and his friends to investigate about it and soon encounters supernatural and horrifying elements. This show is a visually aesthetic one where you discover many WOW factors and kept you engaging throughout.

9. Westworld

Westworld is a Science fiction Western series which is all about a fictional, technologically advanced Western-themed amusement park called Westworld who overruns with robot hosts. The shots are gorgeous and convincing that the viewers can rarely tell what’s real and what’s artificial. Another must-watch recommendation from our side to have an immersive experience.

10. Mirzapur

Mirzapur is an Amazon Prime Original Series that depicts the fictional socio-political aspects of a place called Mirzapur and how their lives are being affected is the synopsis. Starred by Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal, Divyendu Sharma, and Rasika Duggal, this series definitely give you a visual experience of the fictional version of Mirzapur and for the stylish portrayal of the raw and gritty form of violence throughout the series.


Motorized Screens vs Fixed-Frame Screens

The most demanding factor that everyone requires is to EXPERIENCE the content, no matter what. This factor allows every viewer to get into the visual aesthetic that eventually makes your eyes exhibiting to its very own universe – for every content like movies or series.

The projector screens play a crucial role in giving the demanding visual experience that you basically required and we, Lumina Projection Screens provide a wide range of products in order to give you an immersive experience.

But before that, it is important to know about these screens. There are two major projection screens that are quite popular and used in most places, that is, Motorized Projector Screens and Fixed-Frame Projector Screens.

Motorized Screens

These types of screens are mostly seen either as conference-room screens, and wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted screens that lower on the command, sometimes when the projector gets turned on. The projector screens roll up and down according to your availability to access the content.

They are mainly ceiling-mounted screens which are installed completely above a drop ceiling and it then can be controlled via a wall switch, a remote control, a room automation system or by connecting to a low-voltage trigger port on the projector. A trap door on the bottom of the enclosure hides the screen when it’s not in use. There are also cases where some portable floor-standing motorized screens are found, where they rise from the floor rather than dropping down. These are ideally used for staging applications.

They are equally good to do presentations and access videos, but there are mere possibilities of unfortunate events where the motorized screen gets stuck in between to roll down, or to roll upwards, and the cost charges of purchasing and repairing a motorized screen could be annoying for you. Apart from these aspects, motorized screens give a different experience in viewing the content.


Fixed-Frame Screens

The fixed-frame screens are mounted directly to wall space, much like a large flat panel. They are mostly found in movie theatres or cinema halls. The main advantage of fixed frame screens is lower weight comparatively than motorized screens, in other words, they can be easily mounted to any wall space.

If there is an opening behind the screen, they can be used for rear projection. Since the surface of these screens is perforated, the centre left and right channel speakers can be placed directly behind the screen. The perforations enable acoustic transparency without impacting the quality of image noticeably. Fixed-frame screens are extremely popular for the home theatre installations because of the ease in the process of installation.

The only disadvantage of these projection screens is some projectors won’t be fit for every wall space. In order to rectify this disadvantage, make sure to find a better one that brightly matches your wall space and environment. And that’s why Lumina Projection Screens are at your aid.

Lumina Projection Screens brings various options for home theatre screens that could easily befit your needs and wants. Our main aim is to deliver an enhanced and one-of-a-kind cinematic experience of magnificent visuals that enables you to easily enjoy the depth of your favourite content – like your favourite movies, series, and even sports, for every class and group of people.

Home theatre

5 Benefits of Installing a Dedicated Home Theatre

With life getting so chaotic and busy each passing day, rarely people like the ruckus of booking the tickets, finding a parking space and spending odd hours at the cinema. To cut down the clutter, nowadays, staying at home and spending time with family while watching stuff on a personal home theatre screen is just the way to do it!

We, at Lumina Screens, love designing your screens and we find it even more amazing when you get a whole cinema-like experience at the comfort of your home. So here are the top five benefits to having your personal dedicated home theatre.

1. Video games go to an all-new level

Watching that favorite TV star come alive on your big screen or getting excited to every stroke of your much-loved game is just alright, but with home theatres, gaming goes to an all-new level. Playing video games become nothing short of an immersive experience, with a crisp larger than life imagery and realistic sound. So whether you’re the Lara Croft or Commander Shepard, if you play it on your home theatre screen, you never want to go back!

2. Binge-watching your favorite series

Home entertainment doesn’t just mean movies anymore. Netflix, Prime, and other streaming services offer incredible content to let us soak into drama forever. Indie documentaries, must-watch television series, and original content films are now added to the mix to offer something to everyone.

3. It’s all about sounds and acoustics

When you design a home theatre, you have to start thinking about the sounds and acoustics funda early on – this makes a very important part of having the best viewing experience. Your space, speaker size, furniture arrangement – all contribute to how sounds behave in a room. Unlike anywhere else, a carefully created home theatre, won’t give you variable sound effects or a scratchy experience.

4. You can choose your own projection screen

The fun part is just this! While in a home theatre, you can choose your own décor, save yourself from standing in the queue of buying overpriced popcorns, it doesn’t just end there. Having a dedicated home theatre allows you to choose from a range of projection screen options best suited to your need. Lumina Screens through its myriad options offers its viewers a better movie viewing experience and ensures high-performance efficiency. Right from Color Pro – White and Grey screens to acoustic transparent projection screens, we have got you covered.

5. Play-in with technology

Home automation and entertainment technology have turned easy and fun to use in a true sense. Integration with digital advances such as online streaming and smart home controls have taken home theatres way ahead than it was. For the technophile in all of us, a home theatre makes way for technology and entertainment to give a one-of-a-kind experience.


The Bigger Picture: Basics to Projection Screens

‘It’s a mere white cloth’, you would say, but no, actually a projection screen is more than just that! It’s a sophisticated, technical fabric meant to provide the viewers with an immersive cinematic experience.

Thinking of getting a projector, anytime soon? Well then don’t forget the screen! No offense to televisions: TVs are simply awesome, but if you are game for an epic entertainment experience, then, by all means, you need a projector screen. No matter what your purpose is, the right choice of a projection screen can a world’s difference. And if you are confused about which one to settle for, its time we take you down the rabbit hole and introduce you to the basics of projection screens.

In a layman’s language, projectors are really a two-piece system. So there’s going to be a projector- the so-called attention-seeker and the lowly screen that actually lets you see the image. And while there are several things to consider before nailing down a perfect screen, it’s important to realise that the whole stuff revolves around three basic things.


Whether it is your favourite football game you are watching or a much-awaited blockbuster, there’s nothing more appealing than a massive screen. But catch your breath, before you really get excited about owning a screen SO big. There are certain factors that will influence what size screen you should go for. These include the size of your wall, your viewing distance and also your projector. With a scalable solution that suits rooms of any size and purpose, Lumina Projection Screens makes this decision easier than ever.

Aspect Ratio

This factor comes on number 2. An aspect ratio is the proportion of width and height of the image projected on the screen and is typically expressed in numbers like for example 4:3. Number 4 here is the width of the image and the second number 3 is the height. Hence, 4:3 would mean that for every four inches of image width, you would have 3 inches of height.

The aspect ratio on your projector screen has a lot to do with what you plan to watch and what is the purpose of your projection screen. It also becomes a helping factor while determining what screen to buy.

Screen Gain

Gain refers to the reflectivity measurement of your screen and the gain number is the light ratio that’s reflected from the screen in comparison to the light reflected from a standard whiteboard. Screens with a gain of 1.0 reflect the same amount of light as that from a board. As the gain number increases, the percentage of light reflection increases as well.

Gain is measured from the vantage point of the screen – from where it is at its brightest. Screen brightness starts to fall as one moves away from this point.

Whether you should select a screen with a higher gain or lower depends on your purpose. While high-gain is more recommended for cinema owners, for a  videophile with a home theatre, a low gain screen is a more sensible option providing a wider viewing angle, better contrasts and uniformity.

For screens that match your needs, Lumina Screens presents several suitable options. Lumina’s Projection Screens aim to deliver a  cinema-theatre like experience at the comfort of your homes. With a new product line for each category, from movie buffs to corporate offices and auditoriums, we have optimized our best-in-class surfaces for top-quality cinema-like viewing experiences.


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