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Are you someone whose screen time is very high?

Are you someone who is addicted to watching content or playing games on your smart TV?

Are you someone who frequently faces burnout due to your screen time?

If you answer any of these as ‘Yes’, this is the blog post written especially for you!

We will help you understand how the modern lights are affecting your Eyesight & what you can do about it.

In this particular part, we will dive deep into understanding how the blue light produced by LED/Mobile Screens affect your eyes and what is the best step you can take right away to protect your eye health.

Let’s get straight into it! 


Different effects of blue light produced by LED Screens / Mobile Screens.

This is something that’s experienced globally – Parents scolding kids for sitting too close to the television.

It’s only when we become adults and start using technology and gadgets excessively as a part of our routine, we realize how our parents did the right thing by warning us in advance.

However, by the time this realization hits, it’s usually too late and we already start experiencing the effects of the ‘Blue Light’ produced by LED Screens & our Laptop-Mobile screens.

This blue light is nothing but the direct light that reaches our eyes as it is and in its most dangerous form through Televisions, Laptops, Desktops & Mobile Phones.

It has a very high amount of energy and it’s the same light that we receive from the Sun. However, the way we absorb it from the Sun is on a healthier part. On the other hand, the way we receive it from these gadgets is what leads to various eye health issues and a disruptive sleep cycle.

And this is something that has been the point of worry for scientists and leading health practitioners as well.

Some of its serious downsides include:

  • Macular degeneration
  • Damage of retina to the point of going blind 
  • Disturbed sleep cycle

As kids are born, their eyes are not designed to look directly at this light, but through the reflected light. However, from day 1 we get exposed to some or the other form of the LED light. Just look around your home and you will find numerous ways through which we put our eyes into this trouble.

The bad news is – it’s only going to get worse as we live in a world where our livelihood is dependent on how long we sit in front of these screens and work. And not just adults, even kids from a very young age are falling prey to the bad effects of the blue light.


But how to avoid the blue light when we are not working but using it as a form of entertainment?

Have you ever noticed that a lot of times we switch to our smart TVs to take a break from our laptop, desktop or mobile phones but rather end up feeling even more frustrated?

There’s itching in our eyes…

Irritation due to the volume…

Headache if we watch it for long hours…

If that’s something you regularly experience, it’s high time you switch to projector screens.

Projector Screens, unlike smart TVs, do not have direct light but the reflected light that travels through various surfaces before reaching your eyes. 

Today, when movie theatres are closed, we tend to binge-watch movies either on our smart TVs or our laptops. Even worse, our mobile phones. The amount of exposure our eyes get throughout this is worrisome and carries the potential to damage your eyesight seriously in the long run.

If that’s not something you would want to experience, there’s no other way but projectors that will not just help you have a safer experience but also provide you with:

A bigger screen size: A bigger screen means lesser focus needed to understand the content you’re watching. 

Theatre-like experience at home: It’s no surprise here that projector screens truly give you that immersive experience you must be craving for right now since the theatres are closed.

Multiple uses: Want to turn your screen into an outdoor home theatre set up? Call your friends right away and get on to it. (here’s where we shared how you can do that –

Sound experience at its best: The brilliant sound quality of home theatre will make you forget there’s a world outside.



Check out the best options of projection screens for your home theatre set up here:

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