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Watching movies on the home theatre is great. But do you know what is even more amazing?

Watching those movies on a home theatre set up under the wide sky full of stars!

Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about the outdoor home theatre setup. Is that something that has ever interested you?

We’re guessing you might be planning to set up your first outdoor home theatre setup and that’s why you’re here today!

This article will help you understand –

  1. What are the things you must take care of to set up an outdoor home theatre?
  2. Which equipment will make a part of the outdoor home theatre setup?

Let’s try to understand the first part with some simple yet crucial questions!


Do you have the provision for smooth electrical connectivity?

When we do the usual inside setup, this is not a big concern. But since we are talking about an outdoor setup here, make sure to double-check every connectivity channel to have easy access to the power outlets.

In case you can’t install the electrical set up outside, you can use the extension and have the electricity supply running from inside.


Is your backyard large enough?

Remember that you will have to set up all the outdoor equipment that you would have done inside the house. So, make sure the backyard or any place where you’re planning to set up the home theatre is spacious enough.

For example – you need to keep the distance of at least 15 to 20 feet between the projector and the screen. Hence, a larger space would benefit you the most.


Is the weather good?

We don’t want you to run into a nightmare where you settle down for the movie and it starts raining. That’s why it’s very important to check the climate for it will make or break the complete momentum of the event. 

Also, keeping in mind that it’s best to enjoy the movie when it’s completely dark, you can schedule the movie post-sunset or after 8 pm when it’s almost dark everywhere.


Are you choosing the place wisely?

When it comes to selecting the place for the outdoor home theatre setup, you need to be very careful with spotting any disturbances that may become a barrier in your movie night.

What could be those? Any streetlight or headlight or basically any bright & shiny light source that will reflect on the projector screen. Other than these, make sure there is no noise of neighbours, kids playing from the distance or any construction work that might be going on around. 

To not compromise with your movie experience, choose a place that is possibly free from at least 90% of these disturbances.


Is your arrangement comfortable?

Comfort > Fancy, always! Your audience could include kids, senior citizens, middle-aged people, teenagers and so on. So, keeping in mind the comfort level for everyone, you can go for chairs or lawn, whichever suits the best for your audience. 


Talking about the equipment – Can you recommend equipments.


Being the heart and brain of your entire home theatre setup, the projector is probably the first thing you need to look into. Make sure to adjust it just at the right height and at the right distance from the screen.



Once you set up the projector, the next step would be to get your home theatre screen in place. The home theatre screens usually come either as fixed frame or inflatable. You can use the same one that you have at home or even better, you can have a dedicated outdoor setup screen. 

After deciding the screen, you will have to figure out where you will place it at the determined location for the movie night. No matter where you place it, consider everything from where the seating will be to where is the projector installed and position the screen accordingly.

If you’re looking for a screen to provide you with the most immersive experience no matter where you make the whole set up, Lumina’s Color Pro White is what you need!



The better the sound, the greater the experience. After the view what matters the most is the sound. You need to have at least 2 speakers around to make sure everyone present for the movie can hear the sound clearly. 

Considering the size of the location, you can go ahead with the projector’s built-in speakers. If your group is as small as 4-5 people, you can simply use headphones.

Pro suggestion: In case you don’t want to buy any of these pieces of equipment just for a single outdoor movie night, you can opt for renting for the evening.


What will be the video source?

Whether the movie will be played through a DVD, Laptop or online through any OTT platform is what you would need to check beforehand and keep it ready while setting up the projector.

This is pretty much everything that you need to get started with your first outdoor home theatre setup. If you have any specific questions for us to answer, you know you need to put them in the comments below as always!