Lumina Screens at Smart Home Expo

Lumina Screens proudly unveiled its latest innovations at the prestigious Smart Home Expo. Held at Jio World Centre, the event served as a platform for Lumina to showcase its commitment to revolutionizing home entertainment experiences.

Attendees at the expo were delighted to experience to: the Leor Black, Leor UST, and Leor 1.2. Each product was meticulously designed to deliver unparalleled visual quality, versatility, and immersive viewing experiences.


Leor Black: Redefining Home Theater Excellence

The Leor Black screen stole the spotlight at the Lumina booth, captivating visitors with its exceptional performance in ambient light conditions. Leor Black boasts an impressive 90% rejection rate, ensuring stunning visuals even in brightly lit environments. Its black fabric absorbs ambient light, allowing viewers to enjoy crisp images with vibrant colors and deep contrasts.


Leor UST: Transforming Spaces with Ultra-Short Throw Projection

Lumina’s Leor UST screen took center stage as a game-changer in home entertainment setups. Designed for ultra-short throw projectors, this innovative screen delivers an immersive viewing experience without the need for extensive room space. Its specialized surface enhances brightness, clarity, and color accuracy, making it ideal for compact living rooms or media spaces.


Leor 1.2: Elevating Home Entertainment with Unmatched Visual Brilliance

Visitors were introduced to Lumina’s Leor 1.2, setting a new standard in home entertainment with its deepest black levels and enhanced visual quality. Leor 1.2 promises an exceptional movie-viewing experience, bringing cinema-like visuals to your living room with its innovative multilayered surface and dynamic gain of 1.2, creating a captivating atmosphere for every viewing session.


AV Success: Lumina’s Partnerships Shine with Optoma and LG at Smart Home Expo

Lumina’s collaboration with industry leaders Optoma and LG underscored its commitment to showcasing cutting-edge AV innovations  at the Smart Home Expo. Through strategic partnerships, Lumina aimed to demonstrate the pinnacle of display technology and redefine the standards of home entertainment experiences.


Optoma Partnership Overview

Lumina’s collaboration with Optoma resulted in the provision of top-tier display solutions, including the Leor UST, Leor Black, and Leor 1.5 screens. With a total of 4 screens supplied, Lumina’s partnership with Optoma showcased versatility and immersive viewing experiences, setting a new benchmark for visual excellence.


LG Partnership Overview

In collaboration with LG, Lumina supplied a total of 4 screens, showcasing its versatility and performance in real-world applications. This collaboration further solidified Lumina’s position as a leader in the industry. With its commitment to excellence and innovation, Lumina continues to push boundaries, setting new standards in home entertainment experience


Highlights and Results

The Lumina-Optoma and Lumina-LG collaborations at the Smart Home Expo were highly successful, with attendees praising the seamless integration of AV technology and innovative solutions, reaffirming Lumina’s leadership in home entertainment. This underscores the transformative power of strategic partnerships, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts in innovation. Lumina’s commitment to revolutionizing viewing experiences persists.


About Lumina Screens
Lumina Screens is renowned for its commitment to delivering cutting-edge projection solutions that redefine home entertainment. With a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Lumina continues to push the boundaries of visual excellence. Backed by Galalite Screens, a leader in the cinema screen manufacturing industry, Lumina Screens remains a trusted choice for discerning homeowners, AV enthusiasts, and industry professionals worldwide.