Netflix is an OTT (over-the-top) media service provider that allows users to stream content via the Internet at any place or time. Netflix is one of the most popular platforms in the world that provides a variety of options in terms of series, films, documentaries, comedy specials, etc. to its users. Such type of services is getting common day by day as more people are getting access to them. Netflix is available in over 190 countries with about 150 million active users.


Although Netflix provides its access on different devices like Smartphones & Tablets, PCs and Laptops, Smart TVs, etc. It is best experienced on a Home Theatre with Projection Screen. Mobile phones or tablets may allow you to watch your preferred content anywhere but they somewhat fail to provide the immersive viewing experience that Netflix is able to serve.


Netflix provides various options in streaming quality to its users. The quality also varies with the device it is accessed on. For users having Premium plan of Netflix, the streaming giant provides Ultra HD or 4K streaming on supported devices. If you have a premium plan you get the advantage to enjoy the content in high-definition rather than watching it in normal resolution. 


If you enjoy watching movies at the cinema theatres and If you like to recreate a somewhat similar kind of experience at your home you can set up a projector and good quality projection screen with decent sound setup and enjoy those movies at your very own home. With so many OTT platforms like Netflix and others in the scene, you have an option to watch the movies you missed and you can watch them at your home or your smartphones if you have a busy schedule or want to save the hassle to go to movie theatres.   


Netflix has succeeded in becoming the most reliable streaming service with HD or 4K streaming option. With thousands of titles of TV series and films to choose from, Netflix is the best option to watch the latest & popular content according to your own taste on any devices you are comfortable to watch on.


Lumina Screens manufactures projection screen surfaces that are optimum for a perfect home viewing experience. If you are a movie buff and like to watch movies in his home comfort you can try and experience Lumina Screens where you can watch Netflix with the best visual clarity which offers a plethora of movies, tv-series, documentary and more.