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Confused between LCD, 3LCD and Laser Projection

Have you ever thought about how an LCD projector works? How generated the white light by the lamp really turn into an image? Lumina Screens are going to show you through this article what difference between LCD, 3LCD and Laser projection. Do continue reading to know the behind-the-scenes operation of an LCD projector.

What is an LCD Projector?

LCD is short for ‘Liquid-crystal display. It is a projector that can be used to display images/pictures, videos, slideshows, etc. This is an advancement over the age-old overhead projectors. In an LCD TV projector, a very bright light shines through a small LCD screen into a lens, which throws a hugely magnified image of the screen onto the wall. The technology is sometimes called LCLV (liquid crystal light valve). 


With new technology and innovation coming out every year there is an upcoming projector technology in the market called 3LCD projections. 3LCD projections use individual LCDs for red, green and blue components. The light from each LCD is combined using a prism to create a final image. The advantage of 3LCD over normal LCD projectors is it comes in 3 chips with no moving mechanical parts in the light engine and full-time colour which is a natural byproduct of 3LCD projectors. Normal LCD projections come with only one chip and the light passes through that single chip which forms the image, but with 3LCD projectors, the light passes through 3 different chips with three different colour mixing which forms the final image giving a more vivid and clear image quality. With 1080p 3LCD projectors, it has over 2.2 million pixels which form together a final image.

3LCD technology comes with key benefits. Light output is usually higher on 3LCD projectors than on business DLP projectors. At the same time, LCD projectors are usually able to generate more vivid and saturated colours than DLPs. Because 3LCD projectors do not use an optical illusion to generate the image, they do not have therainbow effect of DLP projectors that can disorient a small minority of viewers. With 3LCD technology as a new innovation in the market.

Laser Projection

There is also laser projection which is seen as the future of projections in the coming years. A laser projection projects changing laser beams on a screen to create a moving image. A laser projector contains one laser light source for single-colour projection or three sources for RGB (red, green, and blue) full-colour projection. It offers potentially brighter projected images, with more and better colours. The advantages of laser projections are it delivers fast and stable projection with a high repetition rate. It is specially optimized for 2D and 3D. The multi-projection system in laser projection specializes in maintaining the image quality for huge and complex projections.

If you want to experience laser projection technology in your home comfort. you can set up a laser projector with a compatible projection screen. You can check out Lumina Screens which provides a wide range of new-age innovative projection screens. They are compatible with RGB laser projectors. Lumina Screens feature RGB boosters enhancing the image quality and giving the best video quality. Enjoy your favourite movies and get an immersive experience by choosing Lumina Screens.