Lumina Screens Home Theatre black border important

When it comes to installing a home theatre, even the smallest details can matter. For example, the black border around the projection screen. It may seem like an insignificant detail but it has a huge impact on the quality of your image. More so if the image being projected is a high definition one as most projectors available in the market provide a high level of brightness.

So why the black border? Well, firstly, it works to increase the brightness of the image. The difference in brightness between image and border tricks the brain into thinking that the image is brighter. You might think that improvement is only perceived, thus it may not be noticeable but that is not true. The effect is not only noticeable, lack of a black border also makes the image on the screen appear washed out, something that one does not want in a home theatre.

The other reason why the black border exists is to absorb the excess light on the edge of the image. This helps to compensate for the projector’s imperfections and gives the image an overall even tone. The black border also makes the edge of the image a little more softer, rather than the harsh edges of the projector image. The border absorbs the light, makes the edges less noticeable and creates an enjoyable and immersive viewing experience.

What material should my border be made from?

Fabric is the best bet for a black border that evenly absorbs the light and softens the edges. Black velvet is the most common fabric that is used. Some projector screens use a metal border but that ends up defeating the purpose of the whole exercise as it reflects the light instead of absorbing it. If a fabric is not your thing then you can also opt for tape that can be applied to the borders. No matter what material you use, you should ensure that it is even and covers all the borders of the screen. Do not try to paint the border unless you are a professional artist with a very steady hand as you may end up ruining the expensive screen. 

But why put yourself through the hassle of applying or painting borders on your projection screen? The best solution is to purchase a Lumina screen which comes with a Lumina Frame pre-fitted. This along with the superior image quality and HD rendering that is the hallmark of the brand. So the only thing you will have to worry about with regards to your projection screen is which OTT series or movie to watch on it.