Leor Black at What Hi-Fi

Lumina Screens unveiled their latest innovation, the Leor Black, live for the first time at What Hi-Fi? Mumbai. This revolutionary screen comes with up to 90% of Ambient light rejection technology, creating a whole new level of stunning visuals. Attendees experienced deep blacks that provided ultra-real depth and contrast, revealing hidden details in every scene. Colors exploded with lifelike vibrancy, transporting viewers to the heart of the action as the Leor Black took centre stage at the What Hi-Fi? Event, Mumbai, India.


I. What Hi-Fi Debut

The What Hi-Fi? event is a renowned platform for showcasing cutting-edge advancements in home theatre entertainment technology. Having already generated significant buzz with its online introduction, Lumina Screens revealed the Leor Black live at What Hi-Fi? St Regis, Room no 1420, Mumbai.

The live experience allowed attendees to witness firsthand the power of Leor Black’s ALR & contrast. Witnessing the screen’s ALR capabilities in person promised a truly immersive and unforgettable demonstration, transporting viewers to the heart of the action with unparalleled clarity and detail as there was no interference of ambient light on the screen. 


II. Features in Focus

The Leor Black’s magic lies in its black fabric. Unlike conventional screens, this surface absorbs 90% of the ambient light from above and perpendicular to the screen, which means if you have bright light coming from a window right in front of your Leor Black Screen, there’ll be no effect of the light on your visuals. That’s the power of Leor black’s ALR. 

This exceptional contrast and ambient light absorption elevate every scene, revealing hidden details and nuances that traditional matte white screens simply can’t match. Leor Black isn’t just another screen; it’s a portal to a world of unparalleled visual fidelity, transforming your home theatre into a true cinematic haven.

The Leor Black screen by Lumina Screens is a marvel in home cinema technology that brings unparalleled clarity and detail to your viewing experience.

  • No Glare – Smooth Matte: The Leor Black screen is crafted with a smooth matte surface that eliminates glare, enhancing the sharpness of every image. This feature ensures that visual effects and details are maximized, providing a superior viewing experience that is both clear and captivating.


  • Highest Light Shielding Ratio: With its highest light shielding ratio, the Leor Black screen effectively combats image washout caused by ambient light. Outperforming standard matte white by 90%, it maintains optimal image quality. It preserves the true colors of every scene, ensuring that you enjoy cinema-quality visuals in the comfort of your home.


  • Rich Contrast: The screen’s surface is engineered to deliver rich contrast, producing pure whites and deep blacks. This capability maintains the true color balance of the image, enhancing the overall viewing experience by ensuring that each scene is presented with the utmost clarity and depth.


IV. Immersive Demonstrations

The excitement at Lumina Screens Room no 1420, St. Regis, Mumbai, was contagious! The room flocked with attendees who wanted to experience Leor Black firsthand, & shared gasps of awe and engaged in eager discussions. 

Lumina Screens had been there to answer questions and gather valuable user feedback, ensuring they stayed at the forefront of home theatre projection screen technology.


V. Industry Recognition

Leor Black’s innovative black fabric technology was a star at What Hi-Fi? With unmatched ALR & contrast, it’s set to redefine the home theatre experience. 

Experts were impressed at What Hi-Fi?, & the attendees experienced lively discussions and eager anticipation surrounding Leor Black’s potential to transform home entertainment.

Attendees had experienced Leor Black firsthand, and their reactions were overwhelmingly positive. Gasps of awe erupted as viewers witnessed the screen’s ALR technology. Live demos showcased the transformative power of Leor Black, transporting viewers to the heart of the action with unparalleled clarity and detail. This real-time interaction with the audience provided Lumina Screens with invaluable insights into user preferences.

Witnessing the audience’s enthusiasm further validated their dedication to pushing the boundaries of home entertainment technology. Animated discussions erupted between attendees, who shared their amazement and newfound appreciation for Leor Black’s ALR capabilities.


VI. Conclusion

Leor Black’s groundbreaking technology and unmatched performance have captivated attendees and experts alike. 

Don’t just take our word for it – visit the Lumina Screens website to explore Leor Black in detail and discover how it can elevate your home entertainment to new heights!