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Have you ever thought of considering ‘your eye health’ before you made that google search for finding a good smart TV for your home theatre set up?

If this was not on the top of your mind already, we urge you to read this blog post for it’s going to share some insights you may not have been aware of till now.

Looking at the title, you must be wondering what it is and how it is related to your decision to buy the projector screen or the TV you’re confused between.

Well, they are very much related and that’s exactly what this blog post intends to shed some light on.

So, let’s start with understanding how these two lights differ from each other & what kind of an impact they have on your eye health.


Emitted light

The emitted light is the light that directly hits the object for it’s been generated from the source that has its own light. To give you a simple example – The Sun.

What if we ask you to look at the Sun at 12 pm continuously for even a minute? Forget at 12 pm, you wouldn’t be able to do that at any hour of the day, would you? None of us can.

The very reason for this is ‘your eyes will hurt’ if you do so. That’s exactly what Emitted Light, generated from ‘any’ source, does to your eyes. 

It hits the targeted object when lit up. This does not leave much reflection on the surroundings and reaches the object directly. Some of the rays might hit the wall but the majority of the focus is on the space it is intended to light up without any reflection.

Now, here’s something you might be unaware of:

Blue Light, one of the emitted lights that are usually transferred through Television, is something that’s highly harmful to your eyes. Exposure to the blue light especially at night (when the viewers are most active) is one of the reasons why many people across the globe experience frequent headaches, dry and itchy eyes, lack of good quality sleep, neck-back pain, blurred vision, and such which adds to driving detrimental effects on our health like retinal cells being damaged, macular degeneration.

As per Statista Research Department, the average time Indians spend watching television is over 3 hours every day. Although social media is growing rapidly, watching television remains one of the most popular sources of entertainment across India. 

That means, 3 hours of exposing your eyes to emitted light! 


Reflected Light

Unlike emitted light, reflected light doesn’t create its own light. It simply reflects the light bouncing from another object.

That means it doesn’t fall on the object directly and rather gets scattered into a broader area.

It also doesn’t leave sharp shadows or enhance the brightness of the view but what it rather does is focus on multiple objects instead of just one.

Projector screens have reflected light. So, unlike TVs, they absorb the light first and then reflect the rest. which ensures to convert that emitted light into reflected light so that your eyes only receive the warm and gentle version of lights. 

Does this affect the visuals or the sound? Not at all. It still continues to deliver crystal clear visuals and undistorted sound to you which is, in fact, even more, immersive than what you see on a Television. In fact, due to the larger screen surface, your eyes don’t have the pressure to focus at one point continuously and rather can enjoy the comfort of a big screen.

Therefore, for your overall health and especially your eye health, you can switch to Projectors Screens (if you don’t have them already). They will keep you away from great danger by soaking a considerable ratio of those damaging wavelengths before they hit your eyes.


To conclude:

Hope we were able to help you understand emitted light vs reflected light in regards to your eye health. Based on the points we discussed today, it is safe to say that you can choose the reflected light (a projector screen over a TV) even with your eyes closed. The projectors coming out recently also have a lot of other smart features that fulfill your desire for an immersive viewing experience. 

If you’re looking to buy one, you might enjoy surfing some of the best options available in the market for home theatre projection screens here.

We hope this post helps you make an informed decision. In case any more questions pop up in your head, feel free to leave them below for us to get back to!

Emitted Light Vs Reflected Light